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Blogging vs Money

The Black Girl's Viewpoint is looking at changing it's name to Erika's view. Maybe the title is stiffling the growth of the blog. I really expect to see more from this than what I am. My efforts right now are going into writing more and into different topics. The reality is I want more. The Black Girl's Viewpoint is not getting the attention I want it to have. So creating new blogs ideas is the next step. I have been reading about blogging this entire time. My blogs have made enough money to buy a candy bar. There is no substantial amount of money in blogging for me right now. Maybe that is the value of my blogging. This is evolving I hope into something that will create a source of income for me. I have created blogs at WordPress. One topic is rap music the other is free stuff and I am thinking about one more about my night club experiences. The last one really seems to be the one I think. The problem is clubbing on a regular basis. Fun, huh.

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