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Open Your Mind to Miracles - Xavier Eikerenkoetter

My Saturday night consisted of a Netflix and chill with bae. We watched Killer Mike's series on Netflix, Trigger Warning. He unloaded a lot of information. In the meanwhile, I have been on this journey of discovering my beliefs and feeding my spiritual nature. Killer Mike mentions Reverend Ike and his spiritual beliefs. I love new discoveries and ideas that make sense. This reminds of the teachings of Michael Beckwith. I have been listening to his Sunday talks and previous lessons and interviews. He even has published a few books I intend to read. Xavier Eikerenkoetter is the son of Rev Ike and has a similar message as well. Below is a video I watched on miracles that was thought provoking for sure.

What does it really mean? What is the point of it all?

What is a miracle?

Manifest something of the mind.
The direct action of God in my life
The force that the universe came from.
It's all always happening.

Rev Ike - The Formula for Prosperity and Happiness (with bonus Visualization Treatment!)


Stop Using These Black Hair Products! Make your own products!

I really look forward to watching her videos. Here is a video from Dr. Mumbi on black hair care products and their negatives effects on the health of black women.

We must stop using these things!


Most shampoos can be made with items found in our local grocery stores.

Aloe vera can be used to make shampoo.

Do you know of any homemade shampoo recipes?

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