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The Night Shift ~Chapter One - Call 9/11

The Night Shift

Chapter One

Call 9/11

(Rough Draft)
It’s 2am and Sherry doesn’t hear her iPhone ringing on her nightstand. Pick up the phone, he’s thinking. Please answer Sherry. Ross’s heart is pounding fast from the phone he is being allowed to use to make his one phone call.
It’s to his ex girlfriend. He’s just been arrested for criminal domestic violence.
"She upset me" he explained argumentatively over the phone at the police station. He was trying not to get loud. "She has a big ass mouth. I got tired of it." Sherry could tell he was upset and shaken.
"Get me out of here and quick"
"Ok" she said before he hung up the phone.
She drifted back to sleep.

Just 3 years ago. Sherry attempted suicide after her breakup with Ross. Somehow they managed to keep in contact with occasional hookups. She looked after him and Ross liked that but not enough to not fuck it up. Now its this chick, Pamela. Potentially a criminal charge.

the Night shift call 9/11

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