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Erika's View of Summerton's Desperate Housewives

So, the Desperate Housewives of Summerton really take extreme measures. I think they could really use some business savvy. The journalist, Jerriod G. passed away from a fatal car accident recently. I still haven’t told my mom yet. I rented movies all weekend and made a payment plan with my credit card company, on a Sunday. There is no end to the madness. My taste of movies was a Stephen King film, The Mist. There were no strange spirits in the film but a monster of some kind. The ending of this movie is unbelievable. My second choice was a foreign film, titled The City of God. Oh, this movie was beautiful in a ghetto kind of way. It was filmed in Brazil, I believe and the cast was almost all of color.

Today, I am watching Gonzo a documentary movie. Johnny Depp is in it. Who can resist him? Oh, my. So, of course I will not spend a dime with the Desperate Housewives and I wonder how much longer they’ll be in business.

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