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Blog Must Haves

Things your blog must have:

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and I have read hundreds of other blog articles on blogging properly, how to make money blogging, how to get readers to your blog site and I have compiled a simple list of ‘blog must haves.’

1. My Blog Log - This site will connect you quickly with other blogger. This will help you gain readers, ideas, and help you network with other blogger around the world.
2. Feedburner - Feedburner allows your readers to subscribe to your blog without actually having to visit your site. The most interesting this about this site is the ability to see how many people subscribe to your site. If you have enough visitors you can even brag about it.
3. Google Adsense -Google adsense allows you to be able to make money blogging through ads. There is a science to this. So take your time to learn this stuff. I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years and I still don’t understand it. The ads are inserted into your blog for your reader’s attention. If they click the ads you make money.
4. Google Analytics - Google analytics allows bloggers to see analyze the blog. You can see where your visitors come from, how long they stay on the page, how often they visit and just about anything else.
5. – Widgetbox allows you to be able to turn your blog into a widget for other bloggers to place on their sites. The more bloggers to use your widget the more visibility your blog gets.
6. Visible email address- Let your readers get in touch with you. They may have a question or simply want to network with you by exchanging links.
7. Link Love List- This list is a compilation of your favorite links. Hopefully most of these links have your blog link on their page as well. This helps your blog get more views.

If you are new to blogging use these tips to build a solid and profitable blog site. To get an idea of blog setups and using affiliate marketing visit my other blog at This is a great example of all the tools a blog should have.

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