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Creative Project (Rough Draft)

It was another day at the office for Grace Meagan Logan. She got in early close to 9 am always every morning. Sometimes weekend trips made her late on Mondays and sometimes she would leave early on Fridays. Then there were long days and hot days especially in South Carolina. This particular day Grace saw her boss off to Virginia for the weekend to visit relatives. The office Grace worked in was a small rented house from a local resident. The only other employee at the moment was the program director. Timothy Duncan, a young black American man from New York who had met my boss and started working for her. We came on board with firm around the same time. Today Duncan lurked around Meagan’s office for a long period of time. She couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong? While sitting at her desk, Duncan says,” You know Grace I have been attracted to you for a while now. “ Meagan, completely caught off guard says, “Oh, really why haven’t you say anything?’ “I was waiting for Whitney to leave town.” He replied openly. “Oh, I see. Our boss being away from town is the perfect time, huh?” ‘Yes,’ Duncan responded. “Meagan since we will be traveling together for the meeting to Atlanta together why don’t we see if sparks fly .” Before Meagan could answer Tommy walked into her also. Tommy was the new guy Meagan was seeing. He was tall dark and handsome. On Sunday’s he would play basketball in the neighborhood park. Tommy was also a big fan of the rapper 50 cent. “Hi honey”, Meagan got up to greet her boyfriend while letting Duncan know she would finish the conversation with him later. Duncan sat down in Meagans office and watched her finish sending a few emails before she left for lunch.
On the way Duncan smoked a joint while Meagan drove her 325i black BMW. The meeting went well. They even stopped downtown for lunch in a quaint little restaurant tuck away. The restaurant was quiet so they decided to eat on the veranda. After a quick look at the menu Duncan order a bottle of white wine. Meagan sat silently in her chair. The waiter return with two glasses and the white wine. “I’ll have baked chicken and steamed vegetables, please.” Duncan ordered as well. They sat and dissected the meeting they just had with architect Sherman J. Kelly. His firm was designing a new building for a project Duncan and Meagan were working on. After finishing dinner and her glass of wine, Duncan insists she orders dessert. They agree to split it. “That was heaven,” Meagan says after the last taste of her chocolate brownie and ice cream. Duncan smiles as he tips the waiter and they walk away.

On the way back Duncan suggest stopping at the package store for a second bottle of wine.

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