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Increasing Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging - Use Your Blog to Market Yourself Online

How to increase traffic to your blog? Word of mouth is one of the most important things to consider. Do your part by making sure your friends and associates are viewing it and that they are telling their friends to view it. It sounds simple but a personal testimony about something is always better than impersonal advertisements. Here are some very important points to consider....

1. To start a blog, this is a good site- or use Facebook or Myspace. There are other sites that you can search for starting a blog, but this is a good start.

2. That being said don't overlook an opportunity to promote your blog. Mention your blog on everything you send out to someone and put a link address on what you send so they can access it easily. Email regular mail etc. mention your web blog.

3. There are plenty of sites on the web that will help drive traffic to your site, some are free. Check with others online who have used those sites to make sure they actually work.

4. If you were really serious about promoting your blog you could pay a web marketing company to promote it for you or for consulting on how to do it yourself but that is expensive and is really more for those who have an online business.

5. Also if you haven't already done so submit your site to the major search engines.
There are in fact two main kinds of blogs being used to drive massive traffic in the direction of various websites. The first is the sort of blog that is closely related to the subject of the site it links to. The other type of blog will tend to have a popular topic with little or no relation to the website topic. Here the idea is to attract huge volumes of traffic and then direct as much of it as possible to the website using attractive and catchy headlines on links situated at the blog.

Both types of blogs work pretty well and what's more, there is nothing to stop an online marketer from using both types of blogs at the same time to win and direct even heavier traffic in the direction of their website. The fact that blogs are easy to maintain makes it simpler for virtually any small business to have several blogs successfully running alongside their main website.

All you have to do with blogs covering unrelated topics to the site you want to direct traffic to, is to be careful to ensure that it atracts the kind of people who qualify as prospects for your site. For instance, it will not help if your main site focuses on a product for women and yet your popular blog attracts mostly men and very few ladies. This is niche marketing.

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