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Blogging From My PDA

I have made the executive decision to purchase a PDA. No, it is not a phone. I have been so busy with my day job that I have neglected actually writing lately. So I have purchased this neat little gadget. I have also been trying to stay current with the blogosphere and my blogging family. Sorry Dark Brotha about your technical difficulties. For those of you who do not know dark brotha you can find him at I have also been looking for some interesting things to do here on the site. I have also closed the comment section off. Please look for that to be open again soon. I miss hearing what my readers have to say. Speaking of readers, I need all of you who have not subscribed to Erika's View to do so right now. My feedburner numbers say I only have 15 readers. I know I have more readers than that. So before you leave this blog page, subscribe to Erika's View. Stay informed to what's going on on my side of the world. I will been looking forward to interacting with all of you who read Erika's View.

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