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The Drug Bust

This past Memorial Day weekend I had a blast. Somehow I ended up at the beach. It was fun. I shopped, had a few dirty Martinis and forgot all of life's problems, at least most of them. Unfortunately, the entire weekend wasn't perfect. I found out there was an undercover police task force in the area conducting an investigation called Operation Rehab. This investigation had been going on for 3 months and is still in effect. The guys that were caught were charged with several counts of crack cocaine.

Well this leaves me to think of only a few negative things but nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of dwelling on this I have chosen to spend my time on something that will impact the earth. Helping to make sure our environment is beautiful is a small but effective way of improving our standard of living. Also I've been working on Her Shoe Addiction. The sales have improved some. This site has so much potential. These are a few of the positive things that are apart of my life at the moment. Taking the time to dwell on these helps me keep my focus to stay driven and dedicated to my life's mission. What's your life mission?

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