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The Buzz About Her Shoe Addiction

Hopefully most of you have shopped over at Her Shoe Addiction. It's created quite a buzz within the bloggers community. I'm surprised it's doing so well and getting such wonderful sponsors and support. The response is nicer than I expected. It started out as just an idea into a "virtual boutique blog". Readers shop regularly and make purchases online at Her Shoe Addiction. My idea was to make it easy and user friendly for people like you and me to want to shop online.

Recently, I was contacted by and was interviewed surrounding the topic of making money online. The author of the page spoke very highly of Her Shoe Addiction and even shopped for leggings. The article written about Her Shoe Addiction is wonderfully written and captures the pure essence of the site's theme. She even asked me for my list of Do's and Don't of Selling Online. Read all about me at the Wild Garden.

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