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Let’s Pretend We Are on An Island

The two of us are on an island. We are exactly who we want each other to be. The weather is amazingly comfortable. Everything is perfect. Music is softly playing in the background. You are wearing your favorite clothes, drinking your most favorite drink. You feel relaxed and comfortable. Things are going just the way you planned. You are here until you are ready to go home. You left all of your worries behind. There is only peace here. Calmness surrounds you and you love every minute. The food tasted exactly the way you want it to. Everything around you is what you want and how you want it. The world is perfect. You are happy and smiling you feel so good inside so does everyone else. The wind is blowing but not too hard just the kind of weather you want on a perfect day. The sun is shining just right. Everyone looks good. This is just us pretending.

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