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These are the blogs I subscribe to and read daily. More Science and Technology stuff coming soon!

1. Mind of Marcus - A witty dude with lots of valuable insight and lots of blogging friends read my interview with him.
2. Bossip - Everybody reads it. It helps me stay connected with all the Hollywood Gossip.
3. Crunk and Disorderly- Pretty much self explanatory.
4. Lot's of music videos and a weekly podcast. Really Smart!
5. I watched this dude start off blogging in Myspace to creating a signature blog. Lots of real talk on Love and Relationship matters.
6. weapons of mass destruction –Eye catching layout. It’s full of first class underground information.
7. JV’S LOOP, BE IN IT – Funny guy, easy reads. I found out about him through Mind of Marcus
8. The Jena 6 Blog – Stay in touch with what’s happening in the Black American community
9. Erik Karey: Internet Entrepreneur- Follow a man on his journey to become wealthy from the internet.
10. Make Money Online Free With Court – Whenever I’m stuck on what to write or need new behind the scenes of blogging ideas, I check this site out. He’s really dedicated to this.
11. Donkelphant – Keep up with the politics people! Feel free to voice your little opinion here. It counts.
12. wordpreneur – absolutely the one of the best blogs you can subscribe to in your reader. Be the best you can be!

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