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Blogging Today

This makes almost a year of blogging. It began as a desire to write and journal everyday into this. Along the way have come interesting people, pictures, events, some pocket change, videos and whatever else this will bring. Everyday, almost typing away sharing things I come across is what keeps me occupied. Living sometimes seems to get the best of me and having this outlet makes life a little easier. I have embrassed this time alone for the year to meditate and look to future for all the beautiful things it has in store for me. It is my effort to look to the future to make this thing called Erika's View work. As for me, the year is almost over. I will back on my grind inside corporate america working a 9 a 5 like everyone else to have a roof over my head, drive a decent car, to be able to take of myself and the family I will have. Maybe some nice vacation getaways will come of it also. Enjoy your day!


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