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The World and Its Presidents

It seems if man can travel to the moon. If man can build and plan a trip to outer space that a group of people can sit in a room and build a system to fix and put an end to violence, crime, diseases, etc. I do think that this is a reality. God gave us the common sense to problem solve. We are not solving problems at a maximum. What will it take? I think we should start with the ghettos. Build up the low-income neighborhoods. Put money into the schools. Get the homeless people off the streets. Educated single parents and their families to end the cycle. Make volunteer work mandatory. Increase minimum wage. Put real rehabilitation programs into the prison system. Get the drugs of the streets. Drug dealers are salesmen. Put them in car dealerships, furniture stores, etc.

A ghetto was not always a ghetto. It was abandoned. It was neglected. Money solves most aspects of racism. The rest of the answer lies within our future. We must teach our off springs of equality and justice. These are the solution to problems of the world, Mr. President.

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