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Whip a Meal Wednesday

Pack of Ground Beef
Frozen Corn on the Cob
Garden Style Spaghetti Sauce
Salad Mix
Fruit of your choice (Optional)

The Meat

Mix ground (beef not ground chuck, you can also use ground turkey) with eggs just enough to get the meat moist this will help it stick together. If you happen to use too many eggs add some flour. After they are done add spaghetti sauce and cook until the sauce is hot.

The Starch

Corn on the Cob. Read the package directions. All you really need to do it Add water to a pot salt and butter are optional. Let the water boil then add the corn. Read package for cooking time. You want the corn to taste fresh and crunchy.

The Fruits and Vegetables

Make a delicious salad. You can even cut up apples, raisins, oranges, peaches to your salad. Make sure you have more than one salad dressing for everyone to choose from.


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