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Sonny Reddz - A Man In A League Of His Own

Interview conducted by Erika Mivens on October 23, 2007.

1. Tell us about your song Money Up?

Money Up is a song I made up becuz I feel not enuff people know how to grind. Everybody is a "hustla" they claim, but theres no excuse for u to not have a dollar in ya pocket..its just lame, so on this song I name every possible way for u to get money. The second verse is for the ladies...they always like that

2. Quote your most favorite verse.

2Pac: The 2nd verse on me against the world...

3. I saw a video of you at a rally in Baltimore. Tell me about it.

It was a rally for the Baltimore city school systems. They are cutting more and more funds and the kids are only asking for equal education.
In the suburbs they have computer labs, deer park water machines and some more the hood the schools are like jail. We were rallying to support OUR future. All the police did was bring out mace and a paddy wagon, they were licking their lips for some arrests. Aint that some bullshit?

4. How long have you been rapping? Why rap?

I been rapping since I was 13...I just always could rap and I am very deep I have alot of REAL stories to tell and alotta stress and pain to get out and rap helps me stay from doing something drastic to these devils we are surrounded by daily

5. What message do you want to give to others?

I want people to understand that the REAL will always show itself through whateva situations. As long as u know whats real then u will always know whats up. REAL TALK

6. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Eggs, turkey bacon on a sandwich

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