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The Love Chronicles of Cherry Marie Moore

It's 4 a.m. and sleep escapes her eyes. So Cherry grabs her laptop to get some work done. Still in bed, she checks her email, writes her news column for the week and uses her instant messenger to have some late night chat. Alphonzo is in bed besides her snoring which reminds her of the sound of hogs. Dallas is asleep at the foot of the California king bed. The night is cool, so she opens the sliding door facing a beautiful scenic view of the beach in her bedroom. Nights like this Cherry wished would last forever. Alphonzo turns over and awakens to the sound of Cherry typing away at her keyboard. "Sweetheart," he says, "it's late gets some sleep." "I know," she says "but I can't sleep baby." "I've got something that will help." Alphonzo mumbles as he yawns, grabbing Cherry by the waste forcing her to put the laptop aside, curious about the 'something' that would make her sleep. She giggles and slides in under the covers to cuddle with Alphonzo. Cherry fell asleep aside Alphonzo.

The next morning Dallas barking woke Cherry. It's Sunday and the day feels beautiful. Cherry slides out of bed without waking Alphonzo, slips her sneakers on to take Dallas for his morning walk. When she returns Alphonzo is up making phone calls and breakfast. Cherry smiles and picks up the latest Essence magazine she bought yesterday to read. After flipping through the magazine she folds down a few pages she wants to read later and gets up to feed Dallas. Alphonzo finishes cooking up breakfast and the phone calls.

It's 11 a.m. and the two have breakfast out on the balcony. This is the day Alphonzo and Cherry have been together for 6 months. After a delicious breakfast he turns on the radio and they listen to music. After a few minutes of chatting Cherry grabs her laptop and Alphonzo plays with Dallas. She does the usual checking her email, logging on to messenger to chat with family and friends and finishing up her weekly news column. Later she helps Alphonzo practice for a small audition.

Just recently he expressed the desire to want to act and Cherry has been pushing him to pursue this dream. She knew soon after they met, he wanted her help and she wanted his….to be continued.

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