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Forgive Me Father, It's Friday

Yesterday, on Myspace, I posted the same topic. One response, the one posted here came from a Yahoo Messenger friend. He's always telling these jokes. So after me convincing him to say something, he posted a joke. The other was my aunt. One was one from mybloglog friend. Here are the other responses:

Response #1:
"Okay here we go....I'm bisexual but also a christian. I believe in God and I know he is real. I was raised up in church so I know the word. I am admittedly a backslider, obviously...LOL! I know that what I'm doing is wrong and it is a sin per the bible, but right now my flesh is ruling me! It feels so good to my flesh!!!!Help me Lord!!!Nuff said"

Posted by NICOLA on October 18, 2007 - Thursday at 8:28 AM

Response #2:
"I'm having a great week and wanted everyone to know about it! I FINALLY know what i want to do with the rest of my life! Work wise that is... I love what i do and hopefully it will take me all over the world. I finally have a roommate that is awesome and I really get along with. Things are really looking up! Yee haw!"

Posted by Filet Minion on October 18, 2007 - Thursday at 9:15 AM

Response #3:
> "yo I have recently turned a new leaf in my life. I am now dedicated to the growth of our children, cuz they are our future and they have no idea whats in store for them when they become an adult.
We need to groom them, instead of gettin at the 17, 18 yr old girl cuz she got a phat a** and she f*ckin, kick that girl some knowledge about what she has is precious and shouldnt be givin to just anybody. Also, all u drug sealers thats puttin ya packs on these young men who are still in school and have a whole future in front of them, stop that sh*t...u f*ckin up the kids...when I did my thing I did my own dirt, had my own work...these kids think u cool and look up to u, u should use that as a tool too"

Posted by Sonny Reddz of (SONNY MAWFUCKIN REDDZ) on October 18, 2007 - Thursday at 10:39 AM

Response #5: "I have a whole new love for Hip Hop today. God always gives you a refresher when he knows you need it. Even when you're backsliding :) I feel he created us to live in our purpose and when we're doing at least that he'll walk with us, especially in our imperfections. Yesterday the Hip Hop community in Baltimore came out in support of the children and their fight for proper funding in Baltimore City Schools. Shout out to Sonny Reddz, Ogun, Shaka, and all that were there. I'm telling you, something REAL Sick is about to happen in BMore. I'm excited. How's that?"

Posted by Eze Jackson of Soul Cannon on October 18, 2007 - Thursday at 11:26 AM

Response #6:
" I have a issue that maybe u can help me with. As you know i am 25 and i have a 3 year old son. Well just recently ive found a house and im moving soon. (I live with my mom) and well she really doesnt want me to move but im grown, the problem is boyfriend is moving in with me and i dont know how to tell her because she is not open minded at all. this has been bothering me because i dont want her to be mad but at the same time i am grown? Any advice?"

Response #7:
"I'm sick of the current state of my black brothers and sisters in the inner cities...I'm sick of us blaming everything on the white man and racism....I know they are obstacles, and they do have an impact, but I'm mad that not enough of us are willing to combat that by educating ourselves and our children....I'm sick of pop culture glorifying BS...I could go on and on and on..."

Posted by Macio on October 18, 2007 - Thursday at 12:16 PM

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