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Micheal Moore's Sicko

You know, the first time viewing this on a news special I laughed. Sicko is film about the health care system in the US. The piece was a clip of a man who was injured, he accidentally cut two of his fingers off. He had the option of getting them reattached for a ridiculously large sum of money each. He was able to afford getting the ring finger replaced. The price was about $12,ooo. My God! What is the world coming to? I laughed to keep from crying. Then one afternoon after hearing all this buzz about it I searched for it on YouTube, which by the way I do not have an account with because of my cookies. ??? That is what tech support told me.

So I watched the clip and all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. Here were my thoughts:

  1. Thank Goodness for Micheal Moore.
  2. Why does everything have to be about money?
  3. Who's idea was this to build the health care system like this?
  4. The Constitution and Bill of Rights need to be rewritten(with my help of course).
Then he had another video asking for viewers to share there health care stories. After watching two that was enough for me.

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